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School Software

School Management System

     School management software is implemented in the process of digitizing the operations of a school. This software has a variety of modules that are used to manage areas like admissions, students’ exam timetables, grades, reports, fees, library, transport, etc.
     School software is designed to increase productivity, improve communications, and reduce time and costs. To make organization operations more efficient,Education management software is used in a variety of academic and management-related tasks. It is Web-based or Desktop-based, designed for use with personal computers (PCs), or compatible with handheld devices.

Benifits of School Software

Saves Time

A school management software can perform tedious tasks like creating exam timetables, attendance, passing along messages among the parents, etc. When time-consuming tasks like these are delegated to software it can help save the time and energy of teachers and administrators

Managing Human Resource

A school management software usually has an HR component that is responsible for managing employees of the school including non-teaching staff, administrators, teachers, etc. By using the school management software, tasks like generation of payrolls, management of leaves, admission of new employees, etc. are handled by the HR feature of the software.

Record & Store All Student Data

The life cycle of a student in school begins from the day they apply for admission and goes on until they leave the school. School management software helps collect and store all the data that comes in between these two stages like fees, grades, examinations, classes etc.

Managing Examination Results

A school management software can help in the asign marks to the student, assign skill grades to the student and show student result individually, result list, result slip. You may check student semester wise result as well as final result also.

Collecting Fees

By using school management software the collection of fees and receipts can be done in a simple digital manner. Pending fees and fines can also be regulated and documented by the system according to the established rule of the school.

Smart Decision Making

A school management software generates multiple reports about the efficiency and functioning of the school. These reports can be utilized by teachers and administrators of the school to make quick and correct decisions.

Managing the School Budget

The school management software has a financial module that can help administrators and school management in creating an affordable and realistic budget based on previous calculations. This software can also help manage the set budget and inform the concerned authorities of excess spending or insufficient cash flows.

Very Beneficial in Report Making

The primary advantage of school management software for school managers and directors is the variety of reports generated inside the program,that can be utilized to make quick and precise decisions. There are several papers accessible from each module, and news from other modules can be connected using custom reporting stories.

Key Features

School Management System(SMS) Features:
Attendance System Marks Management
Home Work Management Accounts Management
Parents Management Income/Expenses Management
Sale/Purchase Management Events management
Advance Class routine system Multiple Login
Library Management System Results
Report Card Receptionist Management/Front Office
Transport management system Administrator Management
School Setup Student Management
Staff Management All Reports
Date Sheet / Time Table Student Admit Card
Inventory Day Book Management
Balance Sheet Support


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